Consumer Furious With Rip Off Car Insurance Prices!

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Consumer Furious With Rip Off Car Insurance Prices!

Post by haileyscott » Mon May 26, 2014 1:46 am

Have you checked your car insurance bill lately? Well I did, and I realized that it is way more money than anyone should pay to stay insured. For that amount, I’d be better off taking my chances and paying for a wreck if it happens. While looking into how much my insurance is compared to others, I discovered a way to get insider discounts on your car insurance. Here is the secret phone number you need to call to get these discounts: (888) 328-8622.

When I called the phone number to get my insider discounts, I found that I could get coverage on my vehicles for half the price of what I was currently paying. I was appalled to learn that these discounts had always been available to me, but my insurance salesperson wasn’t willing to share them with me. Since insurance salespeople get commissions when you pay more for insurance, they would never share it with you. By calling the number, you can get insider discounts that your insurance salespeople would never share with you but are most definitely available. You’ll be surprised at how much you save!

You can cancel your current car insurance at any time and switch to these highly discounted rates by simply calling the secret number: (888) 328-8622.

Because I called and dropped my insurance rates so much, I know this works. The cost of insurance is just a scam to get you to pay more money than you need and line the inside of a salesperson’s wallet with cash. Don’t buy insurance without first doing your research, or you will end up paying up to twice as much as you need to pay. Just call them to find out what insider discounts you qualify for, so you can get a great new price on your car insurance.

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Re: Consumer Furious With Rip Off Car Insurance Prices!

Post by daled » Fri Jun 13, 2014 3:19 pm

personally I don't like the entire idea of insurance, it's unfortunate that its forced upon us these days (at least in my state).

I have looked back at all the premiums that I have paid in my working life (house, health, auto etc..)
and if I had that cash I would be living a much easier life today.

in years past insurance was considered racketeering and was illegal (it's what the mafia sold)

insurance is one of the primary factors that keep our healthcare cost at such an elevated level. among many other products.

but most American today can't in vision a world without insurance or are to scared based on insurance inflated prices.

just's all a ripoff

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