Sticky suggestion - Parts suppliers/boneyards

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Sticky suggestion - Parts suppliers/boneyards

Post by stanz » Thu Jan 26, 2012 1:09 pm

I've seen this on other forums, a sticky topic is created for reputable parts suppliers and known cars in junkyards. Usually a moderator starts the topic and people post their information.

The starting topic is edited to include good sources so that folks can just look there to find the up to date info without going through the whole thread.

For instance: I know of an old boneyard with two Fiat 600s, not sure if it's still open because I don't live in CT any longer. It's one of those old school yards where nothing gets scrapped they just add cars further up the hill. It's Mt. Tobe Auto Parts in Plymouth, CT. I see a phone number on the web but no other information. I used to go there, knock on the door to the house to get permission to "shop" and go to it.

There's another in St. Pete, FL with 124 spiders in racks, can't remember the name it's been about 15 years. :bang:

Just a suggestion.

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Re: Sticky suggestion - Parts suppliers/boneyards

Post by Chris Layton » Thu Jan 26, 2012 7:20 pm

Good idea. To keep things simple I recommend a post with a format like

Yard Name:
Phone Number:
Cars they have (and condition if possible):

All non related posts will be given da boot! Look for it in a sticky near you !
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