Temperature Sensor Question

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Temperature Sensor Question

Post by esodu88 » Tue Jul 05, 2016 5:33 pm

Hello everyone - New to the board - So thanks in advance.

I had an issue with my 80 Spider 2000 holding an idle. It would start and then die after 5 seconds or so. When I replaced the fuel pump it would hold the idle for 10-20 seconds but then die upon pressing the gas.

So I've done a few things to troubleshoot and here's the latest as of today....

Replaced old with:
New (Known Good) AFM
New TPS and set properly
New (Known Good) Dual Relay Switch
New (Know Good) ECU
New Temperature Sensor
New Fuel Pump

So with all of them in place and without the temperature sensor connected it starts and idles fine. Smooth. Can run up the RPM and no stall.

I replaced the TS and connected the wire and it immediately cuts out. I noticed that the connector to the TS is not perfect but will clamp (albeit not overly tight).

Could this be a situation where the TS/ECU is getting a misreading from the loose connector and thus it cuts out?? Is there a way to test the reading at the ECU for the TS? If so, what should it read? I am assuming I can just replace the TS harness connector and not the whole harness correct?


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