1980 Fiat Spider 2000 F/I Fuel Issues

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1980 Fiat Spider 2000 F/I Fuel Issues

Post by ideashappen » Sat Apr 23, 2016 3:54 pm

New member here although I have used this forum site for a wealth of information over the past year and a half of owning my awesome car:)

I have been driving my car for around a year and a half. Never have any real issues with it. Always starts first crank.
I went out last weekend on Saturday after having pulled the car out of storage.
After a long winter, put a battery charger on it for 4 hours, came back and after 5 months, car started immediately like I had just parked it the day before. Drove for around an hour and a half then returned home. Not once did I feel hesitation or anything out of the ordinary in it's initial run of the season.
The next morning, went out to start it and it wouldn't start. Started the process of elimination to determine where the issue lies and found it to be a fuel issue. To determine this I just threw gas down the air filter hose and it started right away. It died as soon as the engine used up the gas I added. I just so happened to have a spare pump and filter. I was a little hasty to swap them out (My own fault because I love working on this car) Once swapped I then realized that I was still not getting any fuel to F/I. Checked the relay under my glove compartment and it seems to be working as I hear and feel it click when I turn over the engine. I checked to see if I am getting my 12 v at the pump under the car and it is indeed receiving voltage as I turn over the car. I am at a loss as to how to proceed further with the issue at hand. The symptoms have somewhat changed since I installed the pump and filter in that now the car starts as long as I do not touch the gas pedal. It will run at idle for 2-5 seconds, then die. I can do this many times in a row. I was thinking possibly something to do with the pressure valve or the like.
Any insight would be awesome as I can't just go to my car parts store here in Quebec Canada to just buy parts for swap out tests.
Thanks in advance,

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Re: 1980 Fiat Spider 2000 F/I Fuel Issues

Post by rpconlon » Tue May 03, 2016 11:33 am

Check a few things.
The air flow meter flap must not be stuck closed. It needs to move freely when the engine cranks to start the pump.
You can check the fuel pressure.

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