Best first performance mod?

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Best first performance mod?

Post by superbenk » Wed Jul 29, 2015 4:26 pm

This summer we bought a generally stock 1978 Fiat 124 Spider. I had thoughts of doing a full restoration on it but I think I'll probably just put some money into the mechanicals and performance mods to make it a fun car to drive around (it's got some Bondo, but generally solid). I'm wondering what the best performance mods are for the buck just to make it a more enjoyable car to zip around in?

I've already replaced much of the front suspension components (A-arms, tie-rods, center link, shocks). I'm thinking of doing the following:

1. Remove the bumpers & cut the springs to lower it back to European height (how much of the original coil spring should I cut to get there - they're non-progressive stock springs?)
2. Replace the exhaust with headers & a 4-2-1 configuration
3. Replace the stupid looking steel wheels with 14" (or 15"??) alloy wheels and slightly wider or stock tires (PO put super skinny 155/13R75 tires on it & they look stupid)

I think the transmission input or countershaft bearings are shot (noisy in neutral with foot off the clutch) so I'm considering attempting a rebuild this winter.

Any other thoughts to make this thing more fun to drive?


Full album of detailed pics: ... tJK0oK_LZA#
Benjamin Krein
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