No current from coil

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No current from coil

Postby Jims79 » Sun Jul 26, 2015 7:55 pm

I own a 1979 Fiat Spider 2000. To state what is obvious to you pros out there it has a carbureater with a 4 speed manual.

It is mostly original with the exception of the fuel pump, which is electric mounted in the trunk. I drive it on weekends and has always been trouble free. I had not driven it for 2 weeks and I needed to jump start it to get started. It started right up and when to fast idle as normal. After about a minute or less at fast idle it shut off, as if the ignition was shut off as opposed to it slowly dying as if it ran out of gas. I checked all the things you might normally check; gas, electrical connections, etc. all looked good. The engine turns over as it normally would, just won't start. When I checked the coil for spark to the distributor there is no spark. I checked the coil with my amateur ohm meter and it appears to be ok, although my meter is not graduated small enough to read below 1000 ohms, so I could be wrong here. (Keep in mind this is the original coil). I checked the pickup (going from the heatsink/coil to the distributor) with the ohm meter as well and appears to test ok. I then tested the ignition switch (which I replaced about two years ago) and all appears to be working properly.
Any and all advice is welcomed.

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