1971 Fiat 500 L distributor

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1971 Fiat 500 L distributor

Postby jjpinto » Mon Jun 29, 2015 4:15 pm

I just installed an electronic ignition module in my car. I purchased the module which fits entirely inside the original distributor from Ricambi in Holland and it seems to work OK. My question is I made 2 mistakes. I did mark the distributor so as not to change the timing, however, I did not remove the distributor at top dead center and when removed I rotated the rotor. When I reinstalled the distributor, the car did not fire up. I then proceeded to partially remove the distributor and slightly rotated the rotor to the next point and reinstalled the distributor until I got the engine to run. I kept the distributor at the original mark, although I guess this is not relevant at this point. Is there a way to check at this point how close I am to specs? Which is #1 cylinder on this engine (650 cc)?
Thanks for any help,
John Pinto
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