The new XC90 T8 vehicle information

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The new XC90 T8 vehicle information

Post by Jonyhua » Fri Dec 12, 2014 3:06 am

With the new energy vehicle market favored, European car companies have also launched its new energy vehicle technology. With the launch of the new generation of the Volvo XC90, Volvo has introduced a plug-in hybrid version of the T8 models as top models of Volvo cars appear. Volvo recently released official technical information related to this dynamic system.
Traditional Power, Volvo T8 and the general version of the model equipped with the same powertrain Drive-E, on the use of a turbine module configuration twin-turbo kit. Maximum output power 234 kilowatts, the maximum output torque of 400 Nm. This is only 2.0L gasoline engine to power the front axle, rear axle is powered by a motor. After the bridge motor 64 kilowatts maximum output power, maximum torque 240 Nm. Electric motor and gasoline engine power of 294 kilowatts output coordination, output torque 640 Nm. Matching eight-speed automatic gearbox.

It is worth mentioning that the new Volvo models T8 between the gearbox and the engine Toyota Coilovers increases the crankshaft starter generator set called the CISG. By the starter and generator, and realized a weak hybrid gasoline engine results. This crankshaft starter generator has 34 kilowatts of output, the vehicle can provide the start for the transmission of electric power, to ensure a smooth transition instantaneous combustion engine and electric motor starting. At the same time this starter-generator can also twin-turbo system to power an electric turbine, turbocharger start earlier work, and the rapid acceleration of the conditions provided in higher density air for turbochargers.

As a result of the hybrid four-wheel drive system, XC90 T8 longer need the drive shaft, so the lithium-ion battery pack located under the central channel of the vehicle, under the premise does not affect the vehicle's interior space also reduces the center of gravity of the vehicle Benz Turbocharger. Lithium-ion battery voltage is 270V-400V high-density batteries. Meanwhile, Volvo is also arranged a special cooling circuit for this battery pack.

In driving mode, the new Volvo T8 offers five different driving modes, the default state of the vehicle is a hybrid model. There are also electric, Power, AWD and SAVE mode. Pure electric mode, the new car is 40 km Mileage, Power mode holds a maximum power output, AWD mode for off-road mode, SAVE mode is guaranteed to freeze the relevant working group of fast battery charging. In terms of performance, XC90 T8 new models ... x6pcs.html one hundred kilometers acceleration time of 5.9 seconds

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