Lancia Beta starter and headlight relays modification

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Jim Keller
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Lancia Beta starter and headlight relays modification

Post by Jim Keller » Thu Mar 02, 2006 1:21 pm

I have been away from Betas too long so I need someone's help to write out the steps and/or provide a diagram of the wiring and what relay to use for the Beta starter relay modification, I need to do two Zags.
I can probably get through it fine myself on our new Zag, but our old Zag has now developed the problem again too and the current owner needs it as he has never owned a Beta so is not familiar with my explination over the phone nor the Beta electrical system. I never had a problem with it so I had not made the modification to it

I would also like to do the headlights too

Either post a link here if you can or email me direct, a diagram would be most helpful

Thanks in advance! :thumbright:
82 Lancia Zagato

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