Abarth 1000 Spider

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Abarth 1000 Spider

Post by microsa » Thu Dec 08, 2005 5:13 pm

I just ran across two 67 850 spiders and one of them has an Abarth 1000 badge on the engine lid, wider steel wheels, short shifter, Abarth smaller diameter padded steering wheel and sets abut 1.5 to 2" lower than most 850s. What there such a thing done back then? If so, is there anyway to tell from the outside if the engine is actually a 1000cc model?
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Dwight V.
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Post by Dwight V. » Fri Dec 09, 2005 9:10 am

Hopefully, others smarter than myself will answer this for you. It could be an OT1000, which was an Abarth modified 850. It would have the glass covered headlamps. I think the engine would have the 'Abarth' cast oil sump also. Something about the VIN stamped in the engine bay may also help, from what I recall.

Though not a 'fast' Abarth model compared to a lot of them, the OT1000 was an expensive car when new and is still very collectible. If it is legit, should be worth 3-4 times what a similar 850 model would bring (of course, depends on condition).

You may also want to try asking at, as there are a few really good rear engine Fiat gurus over there that know more than I do who can probably answer your questions pretty quickly. Even if it is just a standard 850 with Abarth parts, it's a worthwhile find.

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