Injection to carbs...

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Injection to carbs...

Post by motoduck » Sat Nov 12, 2005 1:26 pm

Ok, so I haven't posted in a while. The Beta project has been on hold, pending carbs/manifold ect. But I'm almost there now.

I've got my set of Dellertos, with no way of attaching them yet. They look very nice sitting on a shelf in the living room, heh. Then yesterday, I met up with a guy to look at a set of Webers w/manifold, linkage, brackets, aircleaner.....Gave him a deposit to hold onto them until payday. Now I'll be into carbs for over a $1000, for a $250 car! But that's ok, I kinda knew this would happen.

So, my question is....In removing the FI, anything I should be aware of that I might miss? Capping of electrical and vacuum lines? Issues with the ignition as far as the old ECU? Coolant hoses? Emission hoses? Tank vent hoses? I'm already aware of the fuel pump needing to be a carburetor type. I think it already is, which is why the FI didn't work so great!

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