Please don't say blown head gasket

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Please don't say blown head gasket

Postby grantgsr » Mon Oct 09, 2017 7:13 pm

I have a 1971 Fiat spider with a 1608 engine and I converted to an 1800 intake manifold several years ago so I could put on a weber 34 ADF carburetor. I haven't run it very much the last few years while I was waiting to get some body work done. Now that that is done I'm trying to get all mechanical issue squared away and while letting it run to check my fan and thermostat, I noticed coolant leaking from the bottom. I eventually traced it to a leak from the very back port on the intake manifold and, closest to the firewall. I had this capped off with a rubber cap and a hose clamp. So, is this a dried a blown head gasket or some other kind of gasket failure? Any suggestions or condolences appreciated.

1971 124 1608 spider
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