West Palm Beach Fiat Dealer!

Come here to talk about the new 500 !
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West Palm Beach Fiat Dealer!

Post by mexico074 » Mon Jun 20, 2011 11:29 am

Hello All..

Just happened to be in West Palm Beach this past weekend on business.. While there I found out that Arrigo Dodge would be a dealership for Fiat.. Went over there on Saturday to check out the dealership and was surprised to find about 18 500's on the lot... According to one of the people at the
dealership they have about 65 behind the building, but I could not confirm.. I was there with a friend and his son and decided to take
one out for a test drive... So, with 4 people in the car, it handled
extremely nicely and seemed to have decent power, despite all the
weight....An impressive little car... The people in the back seat said the
room wasn't all that bad either....

Also, while there, a women purchased one of the cabrio versions, and there
were quite a few people visiting/looking... This all before their official grand


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