How to remove sunvisor?

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How to remove sunvisor?

Post by Rob2042 » Wed Mar 25, 2015 4:56 pm

Hi all,

New member here. Just took delivery of my 2015 Abarth on Friday (Mar. 20th).
I tried to remove the sunvisor warning stickers but they resisted heat and solvents
so I`ve decided to paint them. However, I can`t get the sunvisors off. Once unscrewed,
the visor comes down exposing the plastic part but seems to have something else
holding it. I didn`t want to pull too hard and damage something so I need to know what
is holding it? Would appreciate any help. Thanks!

Edit: Looks like there is a "lip" on it which would have to be pulled out of the side.
Is that correct?

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