Fiat 126 blowing the doors off Porche Turbo in 1/4 mile

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Post by ga.spyder » Tue Jan 29, 2008 6:07 pm

My partner has a rail dragster w/ a Keith Black blown alchohol hemi .which I help him with.Although never dyno'd it is approx 2500 horsepower!It runs mid 6's at 220+. There are some guys out there running almost as fast w/ 4 cyl. Hondas and Mazdas.The cars are amazing ,most w/ multiple turbochargers and a lot of ingenuity.It is a sight to watch them run the track at 180+,front wheels smoking all the way. Craig

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Amazing power

Post by Marc » Thu Jan 31, 2008 8:04 am

First time i was at Englishtown,NJ Dragstrip close to home,I couldn't believe the power and speed of those cars.It left a big impression on me,they shook the ground and accelerated like rockets.Watching them on TV just isn't the same,you got to see them live.
Those Jap engines can really take a beating.The quality is excellent.I never thought that a small engine with 200 plus HP could hold up like it has with almost zero wear at a 100,000 miles.I kept the car just because it was really fast and smooth,it was the WRX of its era.BMW was going to use it (4g63) engine for its 3 series cars,but opted for the current 6 cyl. Mitsubishi built a great engine,today its the EVOlll.I had thoughts of it in the spider,but that would be crossing over to the dark side...

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