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Hey from VB

Postby Rusty600 » Fri Mar 13, 2015 4:30 pm

Hey guys... my name is Travis and like my username says... I have an 1958 rusted out 600. I have had a ton of "projects" over the years, some I have seen through to completion and most of them sold before I finished. But my wife has seen them all come and go. Well, she has a soft spot for old 500's and 600's... and when I saw this one come across Craigslist locally I swiped it up. I could fred flinstone the driver's side, the rockers are toast and the door bottoms are completely shot. I have found some online vendors and started ordering some basic parts to get the ball rolling. My wife is pretty excited about it which earns me some brownie points. Im used to working on boats, motorcycles and 4wds... but this is pretty new to me so I might be leaning on you guys for some knowledge!

Look forward to sharing my build with you guys and learning something...
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