1952 Fiat 8V Double Bubble

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1952 Fiat 8V Double Bubble

Postby Stantheman » Sun Jan 11, 2015 1:57 pm

My name is Stan Meyer and I have one of those stories where I saved a rare car from being lost to the ravages of weather. Back in the early 80s I knew of a car that was in someone's backyard in Casa Grande, Az. I didn't know much about it but based on what I did know it was rare and it could be worth something. So I contacted the owner through his ex wife and was able to convince him to part with it. I tried to find any documentation on the car at the ASU library but couldn't find anything that could tell me what it was worth. I contacted a friend that restored rare cars named Barry Briskman and he agreed to purchase it from me before I had even purchased it from the owner. According to Barry he had it sold before I even purchased it.
With $3,500.00 in hand I took a car trailer to Casa Grande and purchased a Fiat 8V Double Bubble. It was a basket case or more accurate a box case because most of the parts were in boxes. The engine was completely disassembled and everything else was stripped away from the interior. I knew that It was beyond my ability and resources to restore the car so in my mind I was saving a work of art. Barry was a master at metal work and he was hired to do the body and somebody else was going to do the mechanics. According to Barry they spent over $18,000.00 rebuilding the engine alone. The last I heard of the car was that it was sold to someone in Florida for over $100,000.00 less than a year after I purchased it.
The reason I am writing this down is because I would like to find the owner of that car. I would like to know what has become of the car and to get some pictures of it. According to the person I purchased it from the car may have belonged to one of the Zagato's. I do know that the belly pan was removed so it could be imported. It didn't have a title but at some point it had to have been registered in Arizona because the person that imported it did drive it. The person I purchased it from was not the most savory of characters so who knows how he came into possession of the car. So if anybody knows of this car I would like to hear from you, it looked much like the grey and red Fiat that comes up on Google when you do a search for 1952 Fiat 8V Double Bubble.
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