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VIN Help

Post by mustang23 » Thu May 14, 2015 8:58 pm

I'll try to keep this short, but I warn you, there are no short stories in my family!

I have a 1966 Ghia 1500 GT that I bought in 1974 from Continental Motors in Sacramento, CA. It was my first car and was one of my daily drivers (an Austin-Healy 3000 being the other) until I went into the service in 1977. I am now getting ready to restore it back to it's former glory and have discovered a bit of a mystery.

The Ghia's carry their serial numbers stamped onto the upper right hand corner of the firewall (under the windscreen washer bag). It is a 116 followed by a star and an 8 digit number. My car has only four numbers stamped there and they don't match anything on the bill of sale. The Ghia is built on a shortened Fiat 1500 chassis built by Fiat. My question is: Do any of you know if Fiat or Ghia stamped the serial number on the chassis and, if so, where would I begin looking?

Thanks in advance!
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