Fiat 500X will be on sale in North America

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Fiat 500X will be on sale in North America

Post by Jonyhua » Wed Feb 04, 2015 2:57 am

Fiat 500X crossover will soon be on sale in the North American market, the starting price set at $ 20,900 ($ 3,500 high Bifeiyate 500, $ 800 higher than 500L).

As the classic Fiat 500 car crossover SUV sold Meng models, Fiat 500X is, at best, will sell Meng man, and freedom Xia same platform is a completely different style, its rival for the rival's SUV models MINI COUNTRYMAN.
For personalized car, the attachments of diversity is particularly important. Fiat also launched the optional kit according to the US market, to calculate the total price within the price list is: Easy version of the $ 23,200, Lounge Edition $ 25750, Trekking Edition $ 24000, Trekking Plus version of the $ 28,000.

Power, the US market offers two four-cylinder gasoline engine options: 1.4T MultiAir II turbocharged models offer 119kW (162PS) power value / 250Nm, and higher than the European version of the model is better, the match is a 6-speed manual transmission; 2.4L Tigershark naturally aspirated model provides 134kW (182PS) / 237Nm of extremes, with 9AT and four-wheel drive system.

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