Hand-built V12 engine

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Hand-built V12 engine

Post by Jonyhua » Sat Jan 10, 2015 3:05 am

In the Le Mans 24 Hours Rally scene Audi R8 Le Mans edition brings the ultimate sports car. The car is equipped with the Audi Le Mans developed specifically for the technology, and is equipped with a displacement of 6.0 liters V12 turbo diesel engine. Staff expressed Audi R8 Le Mans edition production models will be equipped with a V12 engine factory in Györ in Hungary Audi assembled by hand, will soon be on the market.

Appearance R8 Le Mans version with red paint very visual impact, together with the newly designed grille extremely widened engine air inlet side of the body, so ferocious R8 Le Mans version better performance. To hold this NTU No. 12-cylinder engine, body lengthened 166mm, which makes the body contours appear more flat. Large automatic lifting wing and special chassis shunt designed to provide R8 V12 TDI Le Mans version at high speeds under enough pressure. Engine was placed in a transparent glass cover, air flow and other devices on the engine variant glance.

Dynamic aspects, R8 Le Mans version equipped with a V12 diesel engine hyundai turbocharger from the R10. In addition to the 12-cylinder, this engine Audi has also fitted with two turbochargers to achieve maximum power output 368kW, maximum output torque staggering 1000N • m, thanks to twin turbo diesel engines and supercharger technology, the engine in the 1750 ~ 3000r / min speed range can output more than 95% of the torque. With the 6-speed transmission, this R8 Le Mans for 0 ~ 100km / h acceleration time of need only 4.2s, top speed of 300km / h.

R8 Le Mans version equipped with the advanced Audi active electromagnetic suspension system in the chassis side (Magnetic Ride Adaptive Damping System). The active electromagnetic suspension system, with electromagnetic force field to the fine adjustment of fluid suspension damping, bumpy roads to reduce vehicle vibration and bounce, providing the car occupants most comfortable driving experience; this suspension system constantly monitors road conditions and driver's driving style and memory in order to repay the most appropriate suspension response Audi Ignition Coil. R8 robust performance also benefited from its carbon fiber-reinforced ceramic composite disc brakes, as well as the famous Quattro all-wheel drive system.


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