Lancia Fulvia Coupe 1.2

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John Stover
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Lancia Fulvia Coupe 1.2

Post by John Stover » Thu Mar 17, 2011 9:46 pm

Hi, I've been looking to buy a first series 1.2L Lancia Fulvia coupe in good condition, but after some time haven't had much success. Can anyone on the board suggest some sources for such a car, preferably in the US, but Europe would be OK too. Alternatively, can anyone recommend someone reliable in Italy who could check cars out I find online? Thanks, John

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Post by 1,6 HF » Thu Mar 17, 2011 11:32 pm

Hi John,

Welcome to the forum, though I'll say that there aren't a lot of fulvisti who hang out here. I'd really suggest you also post your request on the Lancisti forums, as well:

But I don't want to let it drop at just that, And, as I'm trying to maintain a register of all Fulvias in the US, I'd can probably offer some answers, but not without asking a few questions first.

Any particular reason you're looking for a 1.2? Would you consider an Series 1 1.3 or 1.3S?

Right now, my database has 16 @ 1.2, 29 @ 1.3, and 12 @ 1.3S (S1). So it may not be impossible to find one that's already here. In fact a reasonable nice 1.2 was just advertised a couple of month ago, including a listng on Bring a Trailer; the new owner is currently drivng it back across the US from Pennsylvania to LA.

If it must be a 1.2, do you need an early, all-steel body? or would you prefer alloy doors and lids? or doesn't it matter?

The all-steel bodies are simply amazing in terms of build quality--door shut better than a Mercedes--but they're the slowest of the bunch, due to the extra weight.

You say you want a car in "good" condition, but what does that mean to you? Do you want a concours car, a driver, or somewhere in between? How much (if any) work are you prepared to undertake to get it to the condition you want?

Obviously, the more flexibility you have, the easier it's going to be to find a car.

Which raises the question of where you've been looking so far. Please don't take this the wrong way, but if you're asking on this forum, you can't have been making a very systematic search. And in addition to asking on forums, I'd recommend a couple of search sites (that you may already know about, of course): ... no_cache=1
and last (as well as least) ... mit=++++go++++

Frankly, I would be very leery about buying a private-party car in Italy. There are a lot of things that can go wrong, and taking care of them long-distance is very difficult. A friend has imported a handful of Fulvias, with the help of a friend in Italy, who helps with inspections and logistics. But the last car he brought in had some paperwork issues, that took three weeks to sort out, even with the help of his friend. Without that help, or with only the help of an inspector he didn't really know, he would have gotten burned for about $8k.

If it were me, I'd stick with a reliable dealer over there. I have not personally worked with them, but based on glowing reports, I'd suggest Luzzago in Brescia:
Another European firm worth talking to (in English) would be VSOC in the Netherlands:
There are others, of course, but those two regularly handle Fulvias.

Anyway, that should give you a start. As I say, though, there are very few Fulvias among FLU members --very few Lancias, at all, frankly. So I'd ask these same questions on the Lancisti forums. In which case, I'll see you there, too. And, finally, the American Lancia Club is a good place to network about cars; quite a few Lancias in this country change hands privately, between members.

Good luck.
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John Stover
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Post by John Stover » Fri Mar 18, 2011 9:44 am


Thanks very much for the very detailed reply. I'm looking for a first series car because I like the way they look better. I don't have any preference between the all steel and steel/alloy body. I'd prefer the 1.2L engine because I've read and heard from a few knowledgable folks that the smaller engine is a little sweeter -- and I don't care too much about speed.

I'm only interested in cars that are sound mechanically and with little or no rust. Doesn't have to be concours in appearance, but pretty is a plus. I don't mind spending some money on a post-puchase fix-up. In fact, I plan on it!

I knew about some, but not all of the resources you named. It hadn't occurred to me to post on Lancisti because I thought that forum was primarily UK based, plus they don't list many Fulvias for sale. FLU is interesting because it seems to be focused more in the US, so I thought the odds of hearing about a US car would be better here.

I've checked viva lancia, and didn't find much. Anamera has a lot of cars, but I'm not sure it's a safer venue for buying than Ebay. Do you think I'm missing something there? Didn't know about jaxed or vsoc. Vsoc seems to be out of Lancia's right now!

I've been checking Luzzago for more than a year, but they haven't had any turnover in their Fulvia inventory during that time, and the cars they have are not what I want. However, you did give me the idea of asking whether Luzzago could find a good Italian car for me. I'm going to send them an email about that.

Thanks again for the very helpful reply. Any other ideas would be welcome!


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Post by 1,6 HF » Fri Mar 18, 2011 10:52 am

Lancisti is a US-based site--originally based in Colorado, but the site owner has just moved to North Carolina. It began mostly as a Scorpion and Beta site, and it's only been the last few years that the Fulvia (and earlier) traffic has increased, and with it the international traffic. And there is a lot of international traffic, but that's a sign of a successful Lancia site, IMHO. No offense to the present forum, but the odds of a Fulvia being advertised on the FLU forum are little short of zero. In fact, I'd be amazed if you even get any other substantive responses to your post here. Neither site is primarily about buying & selling cars, but Lancisti would be a more productive site for making known your Fulvia search.

Regarding your search itself, there's no question that, in general, the smaller Fulvia engines are smoother and sweeter than the larger; there's a big difference between a 1.1 and a 1.6. But I think you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference between a 1.2 and a 1.3. In fact, I'd say that differences in tune will be far greater than any possible inherent difference. And opening up to an S1 1.3 will radically increase the pool of available cars.

If it comes down to importing a car, I really would advise working through a dealer rather than through eBay or Subito for finding a car to import, unless you have some experience with importing cars from Italy into the US. But if you're serious, I'd let some of the European dealers know what you're looking for; there's a big difference between what they buy for their own stock and what they can find for a client.

Good luck.
1970 Fulvia 1,6 HF

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Post by rpconlon » Wed Mar 23, 2011 10:33 am

Email me if a restored 67 Fulvia Zagato interests you.
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Post by Brett » Thu Mar 24, 2011 3:06 pm

Hey John, I know of a nice Lancia Fulvia for sale. Email me and I will send you his contact info.
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