82 Zagato Coupe

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82 Zagato Coupe

Post by kbee0 » Thu Feb 24, 2011 8:03 pm

Hello all,

I have an opportunity to purchase a Zagato Coupe. I am currently restoring a 124 Spider - and have had other Fiats.

I am not familiar with Zagato's other than they share some things with Fiat.

Can those that are familiar with these cars lend a hand in telling me what I should be looking for to determine the value of the car? I am sure parts will be hard to find, and it will be a miserable ownership experience....but hey, life is worth living, right? I could just buy a Chevy if I wanted easy....

Advice please?

Thank you from the bottom of my rusty heart.....


SE Wisconsin

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SE Wisconsin?

Post by leeputmanjr » Fri Feb 25, 2011 3:58 pm

We just happen to have a 'Chicagoland' FLU chapter!

Lot's of people in the area who can help you out.


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Post by 1,6 HF » Sat Feb 26, 2011 3:04 am


I've had three Beta Coupés over the years--essentially the same car as the Zagato. They share the same original engine design, except that Lancia was allowed to spend about a year re-engineering to refine it and rotate it to a transverse FWD layout. And other than that, the cars don't share a lot.

Parts are generally easy to find. The level of ownership misery will be related to the car's condition and maintenance history--not the essential quality of the car. If anything, Lancia's build quality was a bit better than Fiat. All three of mine, a '75, '79, and '81 were daily drivers. The '79 was crap--always some electrical issue from deferred maintenance. The '75 & '81 were just dead reliable, and with the '75 that included winter commuting in upstate NY.

The year will make a difference, too. The earlier cars are 1800; '79 and on is 2000. All the 1800s are essentially the same--just some minor aesthetic changes. Of the 2000s, the '79 with carb is generally accepted to be the worst, and it has a number of one-year-only parts, so that's an issue for that year. There was no '80, but the '81s and '82s have L-Jetronic fuel injection, and they're by far the best of the bunch, IMHO--far more bhp and better drivability.

If you're serious, you'll also want to check the lancisti forum:
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