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Post by Miltonian » Fri Apr 29, 2011 3:23 am

Not intending to be argumentative, just curious. I've looked through a dozen sources, and I can't find a single mention of a non-synchro 1st gear on a 1.6HF Coupe. The Lancia factory press release for "The New Fulvia Cars", dated March 1969, includes a technical data sheet for the model 818.540 cars, dated 1969.02.14, which states "Gearbox. Mechanical, with 5 all-synchromesh forward speeds and reverse." I am aware of what constitutes the "piggyback" gearbox. I know that the HFS 5-speed and the S2 5-speed are not the same gearbox. You're sure it's non-synchro? Not just weak-synchro? I owned a column shift Fulvia Sedan, and a floor shift Fulvia Coupe 4-speed, but I've no experience with the 5-speed.
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Post by 1,6 HF » Fri Apr 29, 2011 11:19 am

The factory literature does indeed refers to it as a 5-speed fully-synchronized gearbox. which I had always assumed it was. And double-clutching as I do, I never had any reason to suspect otherwise. So, in the course of an online discussion on one of the other Lancia forums, I made some comment about first gear synchro, only to have someone reply that it had none. Naturally, I assumed they had no idea what they were talking about, and immediately went to Tav. 33A of the S1 Fulvia factory parts catalogue. Interestingly enough, the exploded diagram on that catalogue page shows only 4 synchro rings. Maybe there's something I don;t understand from the exploded diagram, but there's no ring on the hub shared by first gear and reverse. Tav 33B for the S2 5-speed clearly show 5 synchro rings. I'm currently waiting for some gear parts from Italy, in order to rebuild a very early piggyback. Once we get into the rebuild, I may discover something different. But that's all I know at the moment.
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