New owner = dumb questions

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New owner = dumb questions

Post by old442guy » Sat Aug 16, 2008 6:30 am

I have just rescued a 1979 Lancia Zagato from the wrecking yard I work in and now I'm truly in a foreign world as my previous cars have all been domestic. The car is actually very sound mechanically (or so it seems) but I learn quickly by asking dumb questions - so hopefully I can get some help with the basics first - what works and doesn't work...

I have no owners manual (and if someone has a copy, I'd sure be interested in it) so I'll begin with the basics - there are a few switches on the dash area that I have no idea what they do....can someone clarify?

-on the console below the vents, there are 2 switches - one on each side of the lighter, with a headlight image plus what looks to be a heat image. When the left switch is turned on something on the dash lights up - not so with the right switch. What are these?

-there are two switches on each side of the HVAC controls - the two on the left side are not marked - what do these do?

-there is a small knob on the instrument panel just to the right of the tach with symbols indicating that turning it does something, but I don't know what - what does this do?

And finally, I want to remove the aftermarket radio currently installed in it and need to remove the trim panel surrounding it (I'm assuming thats where the mount points are. I've found 2 screws behind the ashtray holding it on - once these are removed, what else holds it in place - is it held on by clips or are there other screws I haven't found yet. I don't want to start breaking things just yet......

Thanks for any help provided.
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Post by JimFierst » Sun Aug 17, 2008 12:03 pm

Welcome to the world of Lancia. There is currently a 1979 Lancia owners manual on Ebay 140258466378 JUMP ON IT. It shows all the controls, switches and it has an accurate wiring diagram which you will need. It is from the time when owners manuals contained lots of good information. This is the first 79 owners manual I have seen in 2 years of watching Lancia listings there. There are also Haynes manuals for general mechanical stuff usually available on Ebay.
Also you will probably want to get on the Forum as they have an active Beta group.
Good Luck
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