Heads up woulda been nice HA!

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Heads up woulda been nice HA!

Post by Chris_G. » Tue Jun 15, 2010 4:13 am

Its 2am and i just spent 6 hours pullin the 1.6 outta my spider..... My hands are beat to hell, and i had to sacrifice a tie rod.... Picker had to lift so damn high because i had it on ramps that it hit the roof in my shop lol!! But its out of the car and ready for parting out..... Transmission was the biggest pain.. and my friend stole the shifter lol it was funny. We got it out and I go get a drink and the shifter is cut in half and he is like ""Look, I made you a Short Throw Shift Kit!!""

Moral of the story is, dont stay up too late, you get really bored!
To see my car in a decent video (minus my shaky hands, but thats from a medical condition) Check out my youtube video! Ill update some more, thinking about doing a video diary of the car.


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