How to get around in the new forum.

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How to get around in the new forum.

Post by Chris Layton » Tue Jan 03, 2006 3:50 pm

Getting back to the forum index (home page):
-To get back to the main page of the forum you have several links on the top of the main page to take you there. First one is always in view and is on top of the forum in the blue bar right below the FLU image. The link is show as "FLU.ORG Forum Index" and has a Italian flag on the left of the link.
- Another way is once you click on a folder or post you will see a nav like bar on the top left of the forum that looks something like this:

FLU.ORG > Forum Index > Read Me First

you can click on any of those words to return to that level in the forum. For example if you clicked on "" you would go back to the index of the forum or if you clicked on "Read Me First" you would go back out of the post you were reading and into the forum called Read Me First.

Viewing posts since your last visit:
- On the top left of the forum, right below the main menu in the center, is the link to "View posts since last visit" with a number after it. That number is the number of new posts since your last visit. if it is 0 or not there then no new posts exist. If it shows a number then that is the number of new posts since your last visit. New posts will also be shown via checkmarks on the folders of the forums the new posts are in.

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